Times are changing,
and so are we

This is what we believe in.

Humblebee is a creative digital studio blending humanity and technology; emotion and logic. The end user is at the heart of everything we do – from the initial research to the last line of code. We embrace how digital technologies are changing the world, redefining the way we work, behave and think. We believe in sharing and validating new ideas, showing them to the world early on. We believe in teamwork and deep collaboration and the need to continually challenge the status quo. By developing partnerships with our clients, we grow and help others grow and create exceptional digital experiences that matter.


designing experiences

We’re human, talk to us.

At Humblebee we really like talking to people. Talking about ideas, big and small. Talking about design that inspire us, talking about the latest tech trends. Talking about… well, you get the picture. Contact us at hi@humblebee.se or call Tove at +46 761 191201. Also please join our public slack.