This is humblebee

Humblebee is a creative digital studio. Together we fuse creativity, design, technology and interaction in order to build and produce awesome digital work for agencies and brands. We strive to explore the frontline of technological development and innovation, with a humble approach. To deliver on our promise of great user experiences, we always keep the user in mind, from initial research to the last line of code.

At Humblebee we are open-minded, brave and we trust each other and our clients. All the time.
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50% Gamers
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33% Parents

Our offer

Our deliveries include ideas, concepts, design, production of apps, sites, and installations. The love for helping and creating has also attracted several startups with great digital products and ideas. We look forward to delivering our competence to them and others in the future.

Creative production

As we strive to explore the frontline of technological development and interactions, we feel blessed to be involved in creative productions like virtual reality, the blending of physical and digital, for events and installations. And hey, do you have an idea you want to take the next step? Or do you have questions about realisation with tech? Let us know and we can see how we can support you.

Digital partner

Together we can do great things! We create digital solutions with great usability and put allot of attention to the details. That’s why our productions, regardless if it is a website, a native app or a digital campaign, are used with a smile. To ensure high-quality products we always offer to support and maintenance our developed solutions.

Service design

A service or product with a bad user experience is destined to fail. With research and by identifying user touch points, good or bad, we create the first iteration of your service or product. We think the best way to validate an idea is to test it with real users. We do that with rapidly created prototypes. When we’re on the right track, we develop the prototype into an MVP, this to have a short time to market as possible. It is not only a fast way but also very cost effective.

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process & approach

As we do different types of projects, different process and approaches are applicable. Our starting point is always less is better. If the designer can design less and still deliver enough for the developer to do his job, that should be better. We like to explain our thoughts as we go along, presenting sketches, wireframes, prototypes and low-fidelity HTML. We do not like to spend months in specification phases not producing anything. Instead, we think it is better to do and change than to not do. Here’s how we work.

Using a prototype oriented approach to our projects we stay lean and effective, involving all parties as we move along. Our process is divided into; Understand, Concept & Design, Production and Post-Production.


Understand allows us to establish a common view regarding function, technical requirements, and prerequisites, thus allowing us to prioritize functionality, design, and eventual platform. Work includes workshops, user journeys, wireframes, and prototypes.
We start with Why.

Concept & Design

In this phase, we create the overall design concept based on what we have learned in Understand. We iterate and check in with the client several times. Depending on existing material we produce mood boards, sketches etc to gain a common look and feel. We develop our wireframes and prototype further to test and validate the design.


Production is performed iteratively, allowing us to adjust and change based on our elevated learning throughout the project as we produce design and code. After launch, Post-Production manages further development, support, and maintenance.

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Founded in 2012, we have been growing at a steady pace, to be about 20 girls and boys doing what we love.

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